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I am running to correct the healthcare wrongs  that  I have experienced first hand as a physician which have plagued our country.

As I embark on this campaign journey, I humbly ask for your support, with your vote for Congressman of Connecticut's Fourth District.

Your friend,
Dr. Michael T. Goldstein M.D., J.D.

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Why I am Running

Healthcare Reform means Reduced Regulation

Why I am Running

I have been a Connecticut Resident for Over 30  Years.  I moved up to Greenwich Connecticut in 1987 to escape bureaucratic mismanagement  that I experienced in New York City and escalating taxes.  Connecticut in the 1980s was an amazing place to live. It was well run  and did not have State Income Taxes. 

Over the past 30 Years Connecticut has become a bureaucratic empire mismanaged by the majority of its elected officials which saddled this great state with debt while driving good tax payers and industry out of the state in search of better economic opportunities.  

I am tired of seeing the Democrats of this Constitution State not abiding by the constitution and turning this State into the next Detroit.

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Healthcare Reform means Reduced Regulation

Why I am Running

I cannot defeat the progressive democrats without your support. 

The Blue state of Connecticut is well organized and well funded.

Its time to for the tides to change.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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Healthcare Reform means Reduced Regulation

Healthcare Reform means Reduced Regulation

The Road to the Socialist Highway Ends with Reform

Healthcare costs are on the rise and health insurance is not affordable for most Connecticut residents.  Drug prices are rising while manufacturing costs of prescription drugs are on the decline. 

As one of the last sole practitioners in medicine, I have watched the decline of our health care systems on the front line.  Your healthcare expenses go to pharmaceuticals and administration of healthcare. It does not go to your doctor.  

If  Democrats and non-business minded politicians continue down this course, we will be headed for a healthcare crisis of epic proportions.  The only solution that has been given for rising healthcare costs is higher taxes to subsidize mismanaged policy.  

Taxes cannot be our only solution to this problem.  

Efficient de-regulation  and a transfer of insurance premiums to doctors rather than allocating those funds to administration and inflated pharmaceuticals.


The Road to the Socialist Highway Ends with Reform

The Road to the Socialist Highway Ends with Reform

The Road to the Socialist Highway Ends with Reform

The Road connecticut congressman vote s through Connecticut face potential tolls.  This is not only a reality but  a metaphor for ALL programs of the Democrats.  While this is a local issue, it represents a false reality that increased costs equal solutions,

Congressional Candidate

If the  Democrats continue to have their way, new programs will be added to the Federal budget that will force taxes to go up.

Socialist policies of the progressive Democrats will destroy the economic structure of our economy and turn us into a third world country, if we have not already become one.   

Under the right leadership at the Federal level, our problems can be solved. 

Continuing down the same road with increased potholes and speed bumps from bureaucratic policies will not work. 

It is time for new leadership and new ideas in Connecticut that start at the Federal Level and directly impact Connecticut without increased taxation.

Its time for real progress, not the regressive policies of Progressive Democrats that have stalled Connecticut. 


Who Am I?

The Road to the Socialist Highway Ends with Reform

Who Am I?

I have been a Board Certified Physician for over 40 years. 

I have served as the President for the New York County Medical Society for two terms.

I have served as the President of the SUNY Downstate Alumni Association.

Later in life, I decided to become a lawyer and went to law school at Pace University at night.  I am not afraid to work hard to get where I want to go and I would do the same for Connecticut Residents if elected to Congress.

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